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The Surrey Trekkers
Fun, Fitness & Friendship
A Walking Club since 1991



The motto of Volkssporters is Fun, Fitness and Friendship. We have all heard that people of any age need to be active physically in order to enjoy life and to have a long life. Few people though have understood that fitness is more important than many other factors people often worry about. Studies have proven that a person’s chances of a longer life increase if exercise is a regular part of your life style.

Volkssporting provides an excellent way to meet many of your exercise requirements. It provides it in a fun, friendly and non-competitive environment. Check out the following links to learn more about the benefits of walking with the Surrey Trekkers Volkssport Club.

Learn more about the Fun of walking with Surrey Trekkers.

Learn some of the Fitness benefits of walking with us.

Learn more about the Friendship of walking with the Trekkers.

Why should you walk with the Surrey Trekkers? The three main reasons are for fun, fitness and friendship, the motto of Volkssporters across Canada. The Surrey Trekkers put out an extra effort to ensure that you have fun and make new friendships when you walk with us. Sorry, but we can’t make you fit, that is entirely up to you. What we do though is provide you with an environment which will help you achieve your fitness goals. Join us at a walk and give it a try.

If you have suggestions for improving our club, please email Rick Bortolussi at: