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The Fitness

People of all ages have to be active physically in order to enjoy life and to have a long life. You have probably heard that before but have you understood that fitness is far more important than many other factors people often worry about. Studies have proven it. It is dangerous to your health to be sedentary.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says walking is an ideal exercise because it doesn’t require any special skills or equipment and it's appropriate for people of all ages. Health organizations, including the WHO, have long touted the benefits of regular physical activity such as walking: controlling weight; strengthening bones, muscles and joints; and promoting psychological well-being.

Walking with the Surrey Trekkers can make a significant contribution to your fitness program because it offers you the opportunity to walk with a congenial group of people every Saturday, Sunday and holiday throughout the year. You should know that if you are walking for health benefits, you have to walk like you mean it. Although you walk with us at your own pace, having faster walkers in the group encourages you to "walk like you mean it" and therefore maximize your health benefits. Our Year Round walks are available to you any day of the week which allows you to increase your frequency of walking on known, measured routes to gain added fitness benefits.

We cannot make you fit. That is entirely up to you. What we can do though is to offer you the opportunity to improve your fitness and overall wellness in an atmosphere of fun and friendship.


Calories Burned Calculator
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The images below depict good walking posture. To gain the most fitness from your walk with the least amount of pain, learn to walk properly. Surrey Trekkers have a Walking Guide available for members that provides useful expert information about walking.

For walking tips visit and browse the many good articles found on the site.

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