Come Walk with Us
The Surrey Trekkers
Fun, Fitness & Friendship
A Walking Club since 1991


The Friendship

When you walk with the Surrey Trekkers, you will have the opportunity of meeting new people who share the common objectives of having fun while improving their fitness. The social contact available by walking with our club is a significantly beneficial part of our lives.

The diversity of our membership, both in age and fitness categories, ensures that new members will have little or no problems being assimilated into the club and meeting other walkers with similar objectives and capabilities. It is a club policy that no member, old or new, will ever walk alone or be left alone on the trail unless that walker is experienced and has chosen to do so. Our walkers look after each other. Because our club has a very active membership, you are assured of having someone to walk with at every event.

The more events you participate in the more opportunities you have to renew acquaintances with the walkers you met at previous events as well as to make new acquaintances. These acquaintances soon turn into friends, friends you look forward to walking and chatting with at the next event.

Come join with us, the Surrey Trekkers, and enjoy the new friendships that you will make while pursuing your objectives of fun and fitness.



Teamwork by Surrey Trekkers hosting the CVF National Convention.

Surrey Trekker welcoming walkers from North America and around the globe at the Convention.

Getting together after a day of organizing the Convention.