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Questions & Answers

What are those books being stamped at the walks?
The IVV Individual Achievement Award Program was introduced to encourage participation in non-competitive sports events under the rules and regulations of the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV). There are two categories of awards — DISTANCE WALKED and EVENTS COMPLETED.

What are distance books?
Distance books are to record the kilometres you have walked. Route distances can range from 5 to 42 km marathons or even longer walks. Every walk that you do can be recorded in the book. The blue book records 500 km of walks.

What are event books?
Event books are to record the events that you participated in. Map walks can only be stamped once in the calendar year. YRE stamps are valid for six-month periods and can be stamped in your book once in each half of the year.

Is participation in the award program free?
No, to participate you must purchase record books and pay a registration fee at each event. New members are entitled to a “Free Stamp Book” which is later attached to a record book.

Where can I buy these books?
Books can be purchased from the President or Membership Coordinator at any of our walks.

What do I do when the books are full?
When the book is full, which is 10 stamps for the first Event book and 500 km. in the Distance book, the books are sent to the Awards Coordinator. When all the stamps are verified, the books will be returned with a “Passport”, certificate, patch and hatpin. You must purchase another Event and Distance book to carry on the program.

Where do I send my full books?
Marion Boon, CVF Awards Coordinator
c/o CVF Office
PO Box 3668
Station D, Ottawa ON K1P 5W7

Are the awards all the same?
No, each award is different. The shape, size and colour of the patches and pins change at each level but all retain the initials IVV on them.

Can I go to other club walks and get my books stamped?
Yes, you can participate in any IVV event around the world. Information on these walks is available from your club president or from various web sites.

What is the cost of the stamps?
Maximum charge for a walk is $2.00 but clubs may charge less. Surrey Trekkers charges $2.00 for each Map Walk event and $1.00 for their YREs.   Your first five walks are free.

Where can I find out more about these books?
You can read the instructions on the back of the books or talk to the club President. Visit for guidelines on submitting your books and what to do if you make a mistake or lose your books.

What if I forget my books?
Insert cards are available at the walks for recording the walk if you have forgotten your books. The insert card is only for temporary use and excessive use is not permitted. Insert cards alone will not be processed and are only accepted when stapled into a valid IVV Record Book.

How do I pay for the walks?
Cash is accepted at all walks

Why should I join a club?
The motto of Volkssporting is “FUN, FITNESS AND FRIENDSHIP” in a non-competitive atmosphere. Joining the club is a great way to stay fit and healthy or just to meet new friends. The map walks take you to new areas that you would probably never visit and enjoy on your own.

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